Thursday, December 17, 2009

Botume's "Modern Singing Methods" just released in Bel Canto Masters Series!

John Franklin Botume's groundbreaking book Modern Singing Methods: Their Use and Abuse was released today for publication on our Bel Canto Masters store on Listing on should follow in about a month's time.

Modern Singing Methods: Their Use and AbuseJ.F. Botume was perhaps the first published vocal pedagogue to bridge the substantial gap between the “old Italian” and “modern” schools of voice training. Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the various modern “methods” of singing, Botume shows how scientifically-backed understanding and techniques can be integrated with the traditional bel canto method to prepare professional singers for today’s unique vocal challenges. In this groundbreaking work, Botume also reveals the core principles upon which the “old Italian school” method rested and how their reintroduction today could revitalize modern singing.

“Probably the best summary of the old Italian method offered by any modern teacher is contained in a little booklet by J. Frank Botume, entitled Modern Singing Methods. […] This sums up beautifully the external aspects of the old Italian method, and of modern methods as well.” (David Taylor, Psychology of Singing)

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